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2016 Boen Chardonnay Sonoma, Monterey, Santa Barbara

$24.99 $14.99

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On Sale $14.99

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Product Description

Bacchus must be itching for spring because he’s been gravitating to whites lately, especially different versions of Chardonnay. One such offering he brings to you today – from the famed magical hands of the creators of Caymus Vineyards.

The 2016 Boen Chardonnay is known as a tri-app – sourced from three distinct appellations of Sonoma County, Monterey, and Santa Barbara County, then blended together with all the harmony of a maestro conducting the Philharmonic.

Joe Wagner is the maker/creator of Boen – as he did with Belle Glos and Copper Cane, two other Caymus wines. His upbringing and heritage drive him to work with what the good earth gives him. Boen translates to “The Farm.” It is this philosophy that steered him to this unique and interesting blend.

Now, many wines are the result of combined fruit sourced from up and down wine country. However, Wagner highlights specific vineyards with which he works to bring the most expressive showing of its terroir.

While Sonoma’s coastal fogs and shrouded nights make for fruit set and crispy fruit driven whites, the grapes of Monterey and Santa Barbara County add bursting tropical fruits, butter and toasty oak.

Together they produce a wine that is hard to place, but lovely to drink.

From the honeysuckle and citrus opening, right down to the guava and pineapple aromas, framed by unobtrusive acidity, this chard will tempt a wide array of drinkers.

Now, we don’t necessarily believe that all wines should satisfy all people, nor do we think wines ought to be made that way – we do believe that this wine really extends the tent and welcomes all inside.

It’s a classy wine as its semi luxury price point suggests. We were able to get a good chunk of it at a bargain, which we now pass on to you.

2016 Boen Chardonnay Sonoma County, Monterey, Santa Barbara

Regular price $24.99

On Sale $14.99

Better price than Big Box “discount“ wine stores