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2015 Conte Guicciardini, Morellino di Scansano Le Terre Carbonile 2FER

$31.98 $18.00

What can we say? Italian wines are overwhelming the market right now and we are only too happy to help spread them around.


Today, from Maremma, the 2015 Conte Guicciardini, Morellino di Scansano Le Terre Carbonile – a mouthful, literally to say and to drink, is our Saturday Night Special.


What this all means – it is Sangiovese from the western coastal side of Tuscany. It is the same area where winemakers produce Super Tuscans, such as Ornellaia, Sassicaia, etc.


Maremma is relatively new to fine wine production, in fact, it was once a marshy area unfit for anything except mosquitos as late as the 1940s. But agricultural reclamation of marshlands (a practice also in Medoc, Bordeaux) led to a growth of picturesque seaside villages, expanding vineyards and curious travelers. The discovery of very appealing wines quickly led to a formidable creation of the “western Chianti.”


The cool-breeze climate, long sunshine, gravelly and rocky soils make for an appealing wine production, especially for international varieties. Maremma is also known for biodynamic and organic farming.


Morellino is the local word for Sangiovese, here it is grown in the hills where vines reach the sun and breezes cool down the rising sugars. The results are wines with exotic aromas and well-balanced sugars.


It’s the same – yet different Sangiovese you will find in Central Tuscany, but here, it is enhanced with aromas of seaside brush, bright florals, wild cherry and sage, finishing with a hint of anise and definitely espresso – that is the clincher for us.


It is Chianti without the price tag. And at five years old, the vanilla-ish is peaking and wine has become rounder and very pleasant on the palate, lingering on beyond its price point.


When first tasted, our only option was to buy as much as we could. And we did.


2015 Guicciardini Morellino di Scansano Le Terre Carbonile

regular price $15.99

$31.98 for two

On Sale $18 for two bottles ($9 each)

When you order one unit, you will receive two bottles

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