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2013-2015 Aimee June Winery Three Selections Paso Robles: 3 PACK

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Product Description

Bacchus asks for a little forbearance today, as he introduces a new wine portfolio and it’s a bit lengthy.

For the past year, the Vin Bin has built a relationship with Aimee June Winery of Paso Robles and its owner Gery Petersen, in hopes of luring his micro production of organic, low sulfite, hand fashioned wines into the Vin Bin. We loved his goal of “making truly organic wine containing no measurable levels of sulfite and with a shelf life measured in years, not months.”

Gery told us upfront, he doesn’t make enough to sustain multiple outlets. We would be, in fact, his only Massachusetts client.

Tasting amazed us. Old World production, native – not lab created — yeasts, reduced use of sulfites, minimalist interference with the final product. How and why is this done? First, Gery buys from micro growers – farmers who also don’t grow enough to support large supply chains. And, using his network of like-minded insiders, finagles a few crates from well known “luxury“ vineyards.

Gery pays attention to his production. His wines are aged longer in oak, sometimes as long as 40 months, yet the plushness of the grape gives robust flavors immediately, almost the perfect Californian combination.

The wines are here for you, and here’s what we have:

The 2015 Aimee June Sangiovese Paso Robles. This is the Big Dog, the most popular wine in Gery’s small, word of mouth tasting room. Aged 40 months in neutral oak, the Sangiovese is warm and lush, with soft, fleshy fruits of dried cherry. Deep, spicy aromas, vanilla oak, richer resiny flavors. While Californian Sangiovese makes up a tiny bit of acreage, it flourishes in Paso Robles.

Tasting Room MSRP: $29.99

55 cases made

The 2013 Sagacious One Paso Robles: The Sagacious was actually the first wine we tried and this is what brought us right back for more. A Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot, the 2013 drinks like a mellow Old World style Left Bank. If the Cab and Merlot are the “steak” of the wine, the Petit Verdot is the “pepper and spice.” The wine has been aged 38 months, which structures the tannins. The wine is also unfined and unfiltered, add that to the minimalist intervention, no sulfites added, native yeasts and you’ve got a raw boned wine that touches the earth. Once in the glass, the freshness brought about by lively black fruits are revived and throttle through with the presence of the Petit. A succulent wine.

Tasting Room MSRP $24.99

74 cases made.

2015 Petit Verdot Paso Robles: We were looking for something unique in his portfolio and he sent along this wine. It is not often you find a single varietal of PV – generally its role is to backup the lead singer. The grape is small, matures later than others and is dark and tannic – all instrumental in achieving balance in red blends. But what’s unique – it is sourced from some of the oldest vineyards in Paso, its roots dive deep, surfacing uncommon spice and aromas. Its age also takes a toll on its youthful penchant to be tough. Instead of the young, rascally teen it could be, it is more of a grandfatherly, comfort, like corduroys and cashmere. Quite approachable – once you’ve coaxed it a bit out of the glass. Despite its diminutive price, this might be our favorite one yet – the amount of complexity seems too “expensive” for a wine so affordable. As Gery noted on the back label, this vintage may be among the final yield from this vineyard. Sad.

Tasting Room MSRP $14.99

55 cases made 

Bacchus in an altruistic and transparent plea wants you to know that he plans on a long relationship with Gery because grower/winemakers like him are a rarity and he must survive and continue to produce as natural a product as the good earth will allow.

To that end, Bacchus offers a great deal to introduce you to the portfolio in hopes that you will find these wines as comforting as listening to Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “From the Beginning” on repeat.


2015 Aimee June Sangiovese Paso Robles $29.99

2013 Sagacious One Paso Robles $24.99

2015 Petit Verdot Paso Robles $14.99

Total for all three: $69.97

On Sale for $45  (36% off)


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