One of life’s simple luxuries – and yet, some of the best cigars in the world can be had for as little as $5.00. Ask any of our staff to help you and enjoy a fine cigar.

Handmade Craftsmanship
Quality in the cigar world starts with one word – handmade. So limit your search to those cigars crafted and rolled by hand. These bear the label of either “totalmente a mano” or “totally by hand,” depending on the cigar’s origin, on both the cigar band and box. (Most quality cigars come from Spanish-speaking countries.) Watch out for “hecho a mano” (made by hand) and “envuelto a mano” (packed by hand). Both terms indicate partial machine construction.

Beyond that, which cigar is best will depend entirely on your personal tastes, or those of your recipient. Consider these eight factors when making a selection: country of origin, brand, size, shape, vintage, color, flavor, feel & aroma.

Available in Marlboro and soon, Southboro.