Brew & Spirits

Craft Beers Equal Quality Beers
We focus on selling flavor. Craft beer, generally, smaller batches of beer made with traditional, sometimes historical,
ingredients like malted barley and interesting and sometimes non-traditional ingredients added for distinctiveness.

Craft beers are welcomed by those who desire flavor and authenticity. You would think that the craft beer surge is a modern
phenomenon, but we actually had more craft brewers in the 1800s!

The type of craft beer is almost limitless and what you will find at The Vin Bin are some of the USA’s most intriguing beers.
We stock about 150 chilled craft beers, and more than a 100 at room temperature. Like our wine selection, beer choices
change with the season.

In addition we carry a variety of limited-release seasonal beers.

Focus on “Local”
The Vin Bin provides craft beers and spirits that are locally brewed and features local distillers. We pride ourselves on
obtaining limited-release and seasonal selections, as well as great tasting and delicious brands we find worthy of our
shelves and your consideration.

As always, we are happy to bring in any brand you like, just give us a call at 508-480-9463 or email us at
[email protected].