About Us

A Pledge to Quality
The Vin Bin promises to deliver the highest quality products at the best value. We taste test and approve only products that meet our high standards. The Vin Bin provides well-liked brands as well as a variety of exceptional products and collectibles from around the globe. Our suppliers are equally held to our high standards to ensure that quality and value are always met. 

Our Expertise at your Fingertips
The Vin Bin provides a sophisticated variety of wines, craft beers, spirits, artisanal cheeses and gourmet foods. The staff is trained and certified in culinary arts and wine appreciation in order to help customers make knowledgeable buying decisions as well as educate anyone interested in learning more. Unlike your local liquor store, The Vin Bin’s staff is able to address questions regarding any of our products. We are able to engage connoisseurs and novices in the same openly friendly, occasionally humorous and always enthusiastic and entertaining fashion. 

Rick Lombardi, creator and buyer for The Vin Bin, holds certifications in wine appreciation and artisan cheese studies from Boston University. 

Lead Chef Mike Lombardi is a graduate of Johnson & Wales University where he majored in culinary arts and hospitality. He most recently cooked at Oleana Restaurant in Cambridge for Chef/owner Ana Sortun, and Trade Restaurant in Boston for Chef Jody Adams. He previously served as chef for the Boston Red Sox ownership.

Beverage Director Aaron Aykanian traveled the country as a consultant, maintaining the cellars of some of the largest private collectors in the US. He also holds a beverage certification from Boston University.

A Commitment to Service
Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Our staff is dedicated to delivering a positive experience in a comfortable yet refined environment. The Vin Bin goes beyond just selling wine, craft beer, spirits and artisanal cheeses. Our staff can help you plan for an event, pair food and wine, or provide insight about a particular region or varietal. The Vin Bin is always looking at ways to enhance our customer experience.

Historical Building and Local Community Focus –
The Vin Bin Story
The Vin Bin’s recent move into Marlborough’s historic Fire Station, built in 1909, is another example of its appreciation for history and quality as well as a commitment to the city’s preservation efforts. The structure housed the Police Court, local “lock-up” and the Central Fire Station. The Public Safety services left the building in 1995. The city repaired and modernized the building, eventually selling it in 2007. The Vin Bin is the first occupant of the fire station “bays” preserving Marlboro’s historic building while providing an upscale select market for the surrounding communities. Fire Department antiquities are displayed throughout the store. In remodeling the building, all care was used to preserve the historical aspects of the original design, even recreating the windows to the exact original specifications.

Another example of The Vin Bin’s commitment to the local community is its focus on local products. Many of the spirits, craft beers, cheeses and gourmet foods come from local brewers, distillers and farms. These partners are equally committed to providing only the best quality and freshest products.

Servicing the community is yet another focus for The Vin Bin. Supporting the community through various philanthropic events is a core value and part of The Vin Bin’s Mission. On occasional Sunday evenings, the Vin Bin hosts various non-profit organizations that use the venue to raise money for their cause. The Vin Bin also donates its time, expertise, staff and products during numerous local charity events.

To inquire about a charitable donation from The Vin Bin, please click here.